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Your portrait photography session, whether an engagement portrait, individual portrait, high school senior portrait, a family portrait or photographing your children, is all about creating a vision for the photographs that best displays you and your family's style. Photographing people and being able to capture that natural look is something I am truly passionate about.

Your portrait photography session can be held either in your home or at another inside/outside location (for example, at a scenic spot in or around Red Deer or along the shores of Sylvan Lake).

If you decide to have the portrait photography session in your home, you will enjoy a relaxed natural approach to portrait based photography that will be both fun and exciting. This relaxed approach will result in beautifully crafted and timeless photographs. Or you can choose on location photography with the backdrop of the Red Deer River with summer settings such as sunsets or Sylvan Lake which has fantastic settings for your wedding portraits along the shoreline with sandy beaches, the sail boats, and other summer settings.

I will deliver the highest quality and professional photographer standards that you'll find at a price that will be affordable. As with most things, I firmly believe that you receive what you pay for, and Family Portraits and Wedding Photography is an investment into the best memories of your life. I will provide you with photographs that you will look back upon remembering those great memories of a time gone by. To sit and reflect, bringing a smile or tear to your eye, photographs that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Really, don't you think you deserve what a professional photographer can deliver?

To obtain more information on a photography session or to schedule a meeting to chat about a photography session in your home, studio, or at a location of your choice, please call me at 403.304.7690 right now.

Are you looking for something a little more edgy and glamorous than family or couples portraits then you may want to check out the other Brass Edge Photography web sites. Namely Brass Edge Pin-Ups and the Pin-Up Note Book.

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